Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship to all major countries and love seeing my kits travel across the globe. My kits are designed to ship cheaply to keep the costs down for both you and for me. Lead time on international shipping is 1-2 weeks.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I am happy to take on commissions for both artworks and patterns.

If you have an artwork in mind and would like to talk about it feel free to get in touch via the website contact form.

If you are a stitcher and not confident on designing your own pattern for something special I am very happy to do that for you. Again, just use the contact for the get in touch.

How do I order wholesale?

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order please use the website contact form to get in touch and I will be happy to discuss a discount.

What comes in a kit box?

The contents of the embroidery kit boxes are as follows: pattern booklet for the design, stitch guide/cheat sheet as relevant, fabric square in the right size for the pattern, printed pattern pieces to transfer onto the fabric (excepting Blackwork where this is not necessary), sharp/blunt needle as relevant, threads required to complete the design.

What do you offer on Patreon?

Patreon is a subscription service that allows me to give people exclusive content on a monthly basis. The different levels of subscription are as follows:

Rose buds: Bi weekly embroidery tutorial videos (with access to the entire back catalogue). $1/month.

Blossoming roses: as above with access to exclusive tips and tricks posts. 3$/month.

Flowering roses: as above with monthly PDF patterns for the new designs and access to the back catalogue of all previous designs. $6/month.

Blooming roses: as above with and exclusive Patreon kit box for each new design after subscription. Patreon kits boxes, unlike the regular embroidery kits, include an embroidery hoop, felt square for backing and a hanging ribbon. $16/month.

Rose Garland: as above with am surprise artwork or craft gift included in each month’s kit box. Previous gifts have included crochet coasters and mini macrame wall hangings. $25/month.

Do I have to pay more on Patreon if I need international shipping?


Patreon is a subscription service which means I have a fixed (if small) amount coming in each month. This means that I offer free shipping on all kits purchased through Patreon.

They also have more in and cost less so what are you waiting for?!

If I subscribe to Patreon mid month do I still get that month’s kit?


You will be charged up front the day that you subscribe. This means that you have paid for that month and will recieve that month’s benefits i.e. the kit.

Future payments will always be taken on the 1st of each month and will be posted as soon as payments clear.

What pen do you use the transfer your embroidery designs on to your fabric before you start stitching?

I use a Pilot frixion pen.

The ink is heat erasable so can be erased with an iron or hot hairdryer when you are done stitching. It can reappear at very cold temperatures but can always be erased again.

How many strands of embroidery floss do you typically use?

Just one!

It helps to get the most detail as possible into a small space. It can be especially important in threadpainting and Blackwork.

Do you have any tips for starting Blackwork Embroidery?

I have designed a cheat sheet specifically for beginners which explains exactly how to get started. It now comes in all Blackwork kits and all new patterns instead of the stitch guide (which is not useful for Blackwork).

The PDF is also available seperatly in my shop.

Do I need to draw the design onto the fabric when doing Blackwork Embroidery?


For my patterns and designs it’s really important that you don’t do this or your drawing won’t line up with the holes in the fabric. The fabric is counted as is the pattern, you should count where to put the stitches not draw them on and guess.