Find me on Patreon!

Patreon is a website where you can subscribe at different monetary levels to receive exclusive benefits from me!

My levels vary from just $1 a month to $25 a month depending on the level you subscribe at.

Patreon allows me to run a subscription service for my patterns and kits as well as provide exclusive tutorials that I can put more time into creating!

Knowing I have a certain amount, however small, coming in each month is enormously helpful to me! It allows me to look to the future and plan much more… which is obviously great for all of you too!

Here’s an example of what one of the exclusive tutorials you can find on Patreon looks like! 

On Patreon I offer a range of benefits at different levels…

Rose buds: Exclusive Bi weekly video tutorials (with access to the full back catalogue)

Blossoming Roses: As above + exclusive tips and tricks posts

Flowering Roses: As above + monthly PDF patterns for that mo this new design (though these can be found in the shop too they are considerably cheaper on Patreon)

Blooming Roses: As above + special monthly kit boxes! These include a hoop, felt to back the hoop and a hanging ribbon which are not included in kits bought directly from the shop.

Rose Garland: As above + a surprise handmade or craft gift included in each month’s kit box!