So what is Blackwork Embroidery?!

What is Blackwork?

Blackwork Embroidery is a counted embroidery technique that uses a fabric with a pre-made grid of holes as it’s base.

Blackwork embroidery involves many of the same techniques as cross stitch. If you have tried that then it will help you greatly with the counting involved in this technique.

What fabric should I use for Blackwork Embroidery?

In my work I use either Aida or evenweave fabric. All of the Blackwork embroidery kits that I sell contain Aida fabric as it is easier to handle for beginners.

What do Purple Rose Blackwork designs involve?

My contemporary style of blackwork embroidery involves an outline being stitched using multiple strands of thread. Then sections of the design are stitched with different repeating motifs. Typically these motifs are made up of between 2 and 6 different repeating elements. I tend to stitch these motifs in ‘layers’ so as to make things easier.

Try Blackwork Embroidery for yourself!

If if you would like to tryout this technique I have several designs available in the shop as either pdf patterns or embroidery kits.

You can also have a go at designing your own Blackwork Embroidery patterns using my Blackwork doodle grid!